Tankless Water Heaters Help You Conserve Energy

Many Evanston, IN, homes have standard tank water heaters that constantly heat 40-50 gallons of water. Although many standard water heaters do their jobs well, tankless water heaters do it more efficiently and conserve energy.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

On-demand water heaters, another term for tankless heaters, deliver a continuous supply of hot water whenever you need it. They do this without needing a large storage tank. Instead, they rely on an instantaneous heating process and never leave you standing under a cold shower stream.

Tankless Conserve Energy by Preventing Standby Energy Loss

Tankless heaters conserve energy because they don’t have to store and heat water continuously. They also prevent “standby energy loss.” Heat always moves toward cooler areas, and when it transfers through a tank water heater, some heat moves outside into the air around the tank. This is referred to as standby energy loss. Insulating blankets can minimize the loss, but the only way to eliminate it is to stop using a tank water heater.

How Much Energy Can You Save?

The answer varies and depends on your daily hot water usage. According to Energy.gov, a home that uses 41 gallons or less hot water daily can expect a tankless water heater to be 24%-34% more energy-efficient than a standard tank water heater. Use more hot water, and the efficiency goes done. However, you can still expect 8%-14% greater efficiency when using a tankless heater.

If your end goal is to conserve as much energy as possible, consider installing on-demand heaters at each hot water outlet in your home.

Whether you install several tankless water heaters or one, to ensure the best energy savings, schedule professional installation services. Expert installation guarantees the appliances are correctly calibrated and gives you tips for caring for your new appliance. Contact Perfect Temperature Control to learn more about the benefits of tankless water heaters.

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