Should My Furnace Leak Water in Des Plaines?

As winter brings colder weather to Des Plaines, IL, more people are thinking about the condition of their furnaces. Discovering that your furnace has a water leak is concerning. Read on to learn about some common issues that could explain why your furnace is leaking water.

Condensation Leaks

High-efficiency furnaces typically boast Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 90% or higher. While that’s certainly great news for your monthly heating bills, the power of these furnaces often results in condensation. These furnaces include tubes and a floor drain that remove the condensation from your home.

Unfortunately, if those tubes suffer damage, or your floor drain gets clogged, there’s nowhere for the condensation to go. This results in water pooling up around the base of your furnace.

Damaged Secondary Heat Exchanger

Furnaces with efficiency ratings of 90% or higher have two heat exchangers, while lower-efficiency furnaces have only one. Your furnace’s internal temperatures reach their highest point at or near either of these heat exchangers. The exposure to heat and natural expansion and contraction of these components create a lot of wear and tear.

Water vapor routinely forms around the heat exchangers. If the heat exchanger forms a crack, it’s normal for that water vapor to escape. Heat exchangers are usually the most expensive part of a furnace to replace, so if this is the reason for your water leak, you may need to consider a new furnace.

Damaged Humidifier

Many homeowners opt to have a humidifier attached to their HVAC systems since the hot air produced by furnaces is naturally very dry. Having the right levels of home humidity is an important part of improving your indoor air quality. However, since humidifiers release moisture into the air, they can leak water if they get damaged.

Water leaks aren’t only inconvenient — they also have the potential to wreak havoc on your home. If you see water leaking from your furnace, contact us at Perfect Temperature Control to schedule a furnace repair.

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