Is it Time to Replace Your Business’s Water Heater?

All businesses in Chicago, IL, must have reliable water heating to comply with sanitation requirements. If your commercial water heater isn’t working its best, replacing it might be the most cost-effective option. Here are some signs it’s time for commercial water heater replacement.

Frequent Repairs

If your business’s water heater stops producing hot water, first call a commercial plumber. Don’t make assumptions. You need professional troubleshooting to figure out what’s happening. Most business owners assume the worst and think they need a new appliance. The issue could be related to a damaged thermostat, malfunctioning burner, or another problem that’s easy to fix. However, if you’re constantly calling for repairs and the same issue comes back repeatedly, save yourself time, money, and inconvenience. Replace the water heater for reliable heating.

Changes in Water Color

Are people in the building reporting a change in the hot water’s color? When it flows from the tap, is it rust-colored or red? Color changes are a sign of corrosion in the tank, often caused by sediment. If the water heater isn’t too old, having the water heater flushed by a professional service technician could eliminate the discoloration. However, you want to have the water heater inspected for leaks. Corrosion starts from the inside out, and once it eats through the water heater’s material, you must replace the water heater. A leaky tank isn’t repairable.

The Water Heater Is Old

It would be nice if commercial water heaters lasted forever, but they don’t. The average lifespan of these water heaters is 8-12 years. A well-maintained water heater might last closer to 15 years. If you’re starting to have water heating issues and your business’s water heater is up there in years, replacing it is the most cost-effective option.

When you need commercial water heating services in the Chicagoland area, contact Perfect Temperature Control for professional water heater replacement and more.

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