Don’t Let Snow and Ice Build Up on Your Heat Pump in Evanston, IL

You may not think about maintaining the outdoor unit of your heat pump during the cold Evanston, IL winters, but snow and ice accumulation on and around the pump can be damaging. Here are a few simple strategies for keeping your heating system running efficiently all winter long.

Brush Snow off Your Heat Pump

After you shovel your sidewalks following fresh snowfall, take a few minutes and brush off any snow that has accumulated on the heat pump. A broom or brush like the one you use for your car windshield works well for this task. Removing snow as soon as it falls will prevent airflow blockage and water damage that can result from melting snow.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clear

Heat pumps pull in air from all sides, so it’s beneficial to keep the ground around the heat pump free from snow accumulation. It’s also advisable to clear any snow from underneath the heat pump to create space for proper drainage.

Call a Professional

It’s important to know when to call an expert to assess your heat pump for damage. If you notice ice or snow accumulation that you can’t easily brush off, don’t try to remove it yourself by chipping or cracking the ice.

A professional will safely remove the ice and check your heat pump for any problems that the ice may have caused. It’s also a good idea to have your heat pump checked if you notice that it’s operating inefficiently or making unusual sounds.

Keeping your heat pump clear and maintained throughout the winter saves you the trouble of dealing with the major issues that result from snow and ice accumulation. Reach out to us at Perfect Temperature Control, to diagnose and repair heat pump problems that occur in winter weather before your system shuts down.

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