Are You Experiencing Inconstant Indoor Temperatures?

Temperature fluctuations in your Hoffman Estates, IL, home can happen for several reasons. If you’re experiencing inconsistent indoor temperatures, you might need expert air conditioner repairs to remedy the problem. Here are some HVAC issues that cause inconsistent heating and cooling.

Ductwork Issues

One of the first things your HVAC specialist will check is your home’s ductwork. Air ducts are responsible for moving heated or cooled air room to room. Leaky ductwork can hinder this process, making some rooms feel hotter or colder than others. Reasons for duct leakage include:

  • Cracks in the ducts
  • Holes in the ductwork
  • Seams that have come apart

These problems not only cause inconsistent indoor temperatures but contribute to energy losses. According to the Department of Energy, “ductwork energy losses can account for more than 30% of the energy” needed to condition one’s home. Fixing leaky ducts not only makes your home feel more comfortable, but it saves you money.

Dirty ducts can also make it harder to keep your home heated or cooled consistently. Have your ductwork cleaned and inspected to ensure no leaks and maintain good indoor air quality.

The HVAC System Isn’t Sized Properly

Airflow restriction also happens with inaccurate HVAC system sizing. A unit that is too small or too big can affect air balance and temperature. Households with systems that are too small will likely have to run them almost constantly to achieve their desired temperature—if that even happens. Systems that are too large systems might run more than you need them to. Both of these situations have a negative impact on indoor temperatures and contribute to higher energy costs.

Contact Our Qualified HVAC Specialists Today!

Your home is your sanctuary, and you should feel comfortable in it. If you’re experiencing inconsistent indoor temperatures, get the help you need today. For more information about improving airflow in your home, contact Perfect Temperature Control for expert air conditioner repairs, heating service, maintenance, and other residential HVAC services.

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