5 Benefits of Cooling and Heating Your Home With a Heat Pump in Chicago, IL

It’s a common misconception that heat pumps can’t work in cold climates like Chicago, IL. On the contrary, they’re an economical heating and cooling option even in the northern half of the country. Here, we discuss five of the many benefits that a heat pump has to offer.

They’re Energy Efficient

Heat pumps don’t use extra fuel to generate hot or cold air. Instead, they use air that’s already in the atmosphere, going through a complex set of steps to heat or cool this air for usage inside your home. They’re incredibly energy efficient and a better option for the environment since they don’t consume fossil fuels.

One System Instead of Two

A huge benefit of cold-resistant and ground-source heat pumps is that you only have to purchase one HVAC unit instead of two. This cuts down on installation costs as well as maintenance work. It takes fewer materials to produce a single system as well, which is an environmental bonus.

Almost-Silent Operation

Unlike an air conditioner that hums and whirs quite loudly, a heat pump operates smoothly and quietly. The only part of the unit that makes noise, the compressor, is typically located outside where you won’t notice the sound.

High Home Comfort Level

With a lower risk of problems like incorrect sizing, heat pumps provide more uniform heating than traditional HVAC equipment. This stable and consistent temperature throughout the home is a great source of comfort.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps use fresh air from outside to both heat and cool your home. This influx of fresh air improves indoor air quality and smell, helping everything remain fresh and odor-free.

We hope we’ve helped you see the many positives of heating and cooling your home with a heat pump. If you’d like to know more about the heat pumps we have to offer, give us a call today at Perfect Temperature Control.

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