4 Signs You Need to Invest in a New Heat Pump in Park Ridge, IL

In Park Ridge, IL, heat pumps are an efficient way to keep a house warm throughout the winter, but if they aren’t functioning correctly, they might be useless. Based on where the equipment is in its life cycle, different heat pumps exhibit different malfunction indicators. Homeowners should be aware of the warning signs that may indicate it’s time for a heat pump replacement.

1. Low-Cycle Cycling

When the thermostat is set, your system should turn on, and after your house reaches the proper temperature, it should switch off. One indication that you could require a replacement is if your system turns on and off or runs continuously. Both your thermostat and your unit may be defective or too small.

2. Unusual Sounds

Take your heat pump issue seriously if you hear an odd noise coming from it. If tightening loose components and changing the filter doesn’t stop the noise, you might need to replace the motor or another component. It might be wiser to update to a new pump at this stage.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

You can have problems with humidity, airflow, and foul odors if your heat pump is out of date. Poor indoor air quality is frequently a result of older, broken heat pumps. Pathogens can accumulate in these units as they age or fail.

These air particles in your home increase allergies and other health issues. It could be time to get a new system if you see these things happening to your indoor air quality.

4. The System Requires Routine Maintenance

With years of use, heat pumps and other HVAC devices become worn down. System parts are more likely to malfunction as they end their useful lives. Little repairs can still extend the life of a heat pump at this stage of its operation, but if the damage is bigger, it’s usually more cost-effective to replace the heat pump instead of foregoing maintenance.

Upgrade your cooling system with a new heat pump immediately if any of these indicators apply to you. Contact us at Perfect Temperature Control professionals now for heat pump upgrades.

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