4 Causes of a Smelly Air Conditioner in Arlington Heights, IL

Your air conditioner may behave abnormally when something is wrong with its parts. One way your system uses to communicate to you that all is not well is by emitting strange smells. Here is why you have a smelly air conditioner in Arlington Heights, IL.

1. Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC refrigerant facilitates the cooling process by helping to release the heat outside. When this liquid starts leaking, you may get a smell like that one from a running car’s exhaust. A refrigerant leak may cause your system to increase its energy usage since it has to run longer to cool your home.

Do not attempt to repair your system if your refrigerant is leaking. This is because the fluid is toxic. Instead, switch off your system and allow a technician to conduct the repairs.

2. Burning Electrical Components

There are multiple electrical components in your system that help it to run efficiently, such as circuit boards, compressors, fans, and power wires. These electrical components may produce a burning smell when they start burning up.

Also, if you turn on your unit for the first time after a long time, you may get a burning smell. Accumulated dust may burn when it comes in contact with the hot parts of your AC unit, causing this smell.

3. Accumulation of Water in Your Drain Pan

When indoor air enters the AC system for cooling, the system also removes excess moisture. This moisture drains away through the drain lines. When these lines have blockages, the water may fail to drain away and accumulate on the drain pan.

Consequently, biological growth starts to thrive in the stagnant water, causing a dirty socks smell. Regular AC maintenance can help prevent this problem.

4. Dead Rodents in Your System

Rodents may get into your AC system’s ductwork and get trapped inside. They can end up dying and decomposing while there. When this happens, you start experiencing a foul rotten egg smell.

If you have been getting unusual smells from your system, reach out to Perfect Temperature Control for exceptional air conditioning services. Our technician will inspect your unit carefully and professionally and take care of the problem.

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