3 Ways to Boost Airflow in Chicago, IL

The air in your home needs to stay in constant circulation to ensure your home warms as set on the thermostat. Obstructed airflow may lead to cold or hot spots and high levels of humidity. Below are three ways to enhance the airflow in your home in Chicago, IL.

1. Unblock the AC Vents

If there’s an obstruction in the air vents or blocking the vent, the whole AC system will slow down. The vents need to be free of any obstructions to allow air to flow freely. Again, because vents have closing systems, ensuring the vents are open boosts airflow in your home.

Keep bookshelves, ceiling appliances and furniture away from air vents. Moving these items a few inches from the direct flow of air from the vents can make a huge difference.

2. Clean the Vents

The dust and debris from the indoor air may find their way into your vents. The buildup of these substances can block the AC vents, which will result in obstructed airflow. An AC expert can help you inspect the vents to assess the level of debris and dust buildup.

3. Check and Replace Filters

Filters need replacement every three months, sometimes more frequently. The filters can clog with the dust and debris they trap, leaving very little room for airflow.

Besides replacing or cleaning the air filter, a professional can also help you choose the right filter for your home. A filter with a MERV rating of between 8 and 13 is able to filter out dust and debris without interfering with AC airflow.

If there are cold or hot spots in your home, you need a professional to inspect your system. Call us at Perfect Temperature Control technicians in Chicago, IL, for HVAC maintenance services.

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