3 Signs You Need Immediate Heat Pump Repairs in Des Plaines, IL

Heat pump breakdowns interrupt your much-needed indoor comfort. Identifying signs of a failing heat pump can prevent a complete breakdown and avoid more damage to your heat pump’s components. Discover some signs that may indicate you need immediate heat pump repairs in Des Plaines, IL.

1. Unusual Sounds and Smells

Heat pump manufacturers designed these systems to work quietly without producing unpleasant smells. Therefore, if you detect smells or sounds you have never encountered, you need to seek the services of a certified technician. Some unusual sounds from your heat pump include grinding, banging, hissing, rattling, and buzzing.

Some weird smells your heat pump may produce include burning, musty, or sweet, chloroform-like odors. You won’t be able to diagnose accurately the exact problem causing these sounds and smells without the proper training. Therefore, it is vital to allow a professional to inspect your system.

2. Running Continuously

Unless you own a variable-speed heat pump, your system should run two to three cycles every hour. Each cycle lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. A heat pump that regulates indoor temperatures without taking breaks points to an underlying problem.

When your heat pump runs continuously, it accelerates your system’s wear and tear. To increase your heat pump components’ life, consider scheduling repair services as soon as you notice your system is running constantly.

3. Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your heat pump does not complete a temperature regulation cycle. Usually, the system starts a heating or cooling cycle, shuts down midway, then turns on soon after and repeats the whole process. Short cycling increases your energy bills. Also, a short cycling heat pump does not take time to evenly distribute the cooled or heated air in your house.

Consequently, your home will likely have cold and hot spots. Short cycling also increases the strain on your heat pump components, thus causing more frequent breakdowns. Call Perfect Temperature Control for professional heat pump services in Des Plaines, IL. Our technicians will ensure your heat pump remains in perfect condition to serve you well.

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