3 Reasons to Consider Ductless HVAC in Des Plaines, IL

Modern technology has placed a vast variety of different HVAC solutions into the hands of homeowners in Des Plaines, IL. There are even HVAC systems that don’t require any ductwork, and they offer unique advantages that are worthwhile to think about.

1. They’re Quiet

Different kinds of HVAC systems produce different levels of noise, but the ductless mini-split is by far the quietest of the bunch. You’ll thus have quiet and peace of mind. A further advantage of this is that when noises do come from the unit, you will immediately know that something is wrong and will be able to schedule repairs.

2. They’re Versatile

This is an especially multifaceted advantage. First, ductless mini-splits are versatile because, when you have one, you can divide your home into multiple cooling zones. When you do this, you’ll be able to set different temperatures for each zone, tailor your home’s climate more precisely to each person’s needs, and not run the system at all in rooms that you aren’t using.

Secondly, they’re versatile because you can install them into homes that previously used ducted HVAC systems. And thirdly, because they are non-invasive, you can install them anywhere just by clipping a small indoor unit to a wall. A small outdoor unit will be outside, and some refrigerant lines will run along the outer wall of your house.

3. Maintenance Is Easy

Because mini-splits have eschewed all bulky ductwork, maintaining them is a cinch. A trained professional can come in, perform a maintenance check, and quickly leave to let you go about your business. This greatly reduces the likelihood of long, drawn-out maintenance appointments.

If you want simplicity and compactness without sacrificing reliability and power, ductless HVAC systems are for you. If you live around the area of Des Plaines, IL, just call Perfect Temperature Control, and we’ll gladly give you any kind of ductless AC or heating services you need.

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