3 Common Signs You Need an HVAC Repair in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL, has four wild seasons of weather. You might need your home’s air conditioning on one day and the heating system on just a day or two later. While heating and air conditioning system manufacturers build robust products, you’ll need an HVAC repair at some point. Keep in mind these three signs that you’ll need professional HVAC services in your Chicagoland home.

Unusual Sounds

A properly functioning heating or cooling system should operate quietly. Under normal conditions, you should only hear the system click on. Once the blower gets going, you’ll hear the whoosh of air from your vents. A malfunctioning heating or cooling system may make some loud or unusual sounds. Hissing noises often result from a refrigerant or gas leak. Banging, clanging, grinding or squealing sounds also suggest the system needs a repair.

System Short-cycles

An HVAC system’s heating or cooling cycles should last for several minutes. After cycling, the system should stay off for a few minutes, even on the hottest or coldest day of the year. If your HVAC system turns on then turns off just a few seconds later, this is short-cycling. Short cycles are a sign of a capacitor, motor or heat exchanger problem, and you’ll need an HVAC repair specialist to fix it.

No or Insufficient Heating or Cooling

A lack of heated or cooled air blowing from your home’s vents is often a sign of a dirty air filter, explains the Department of Energy. If you notice there’s barely a trickle of air from your home’s vents, check the filter. Replace it if it’s dirty. If there’s still barely any air coming from the vents, it’s best to call for an HVAC repair. Your system could have a refrigerant leak, dirty coil, faulty sensor or another issue that requires professional attention.

To learn more about the signs that you need an HVAC repair, take a look at Perfect Temperature Control’s HVAC services, or get in touch with us today.

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