For those long winter months, a whole-home humidifier enhances comfort, helps reduce energy bills, and protects the health of your indoor environment.  Moist air significantly reduces the ability of airborne viruses and bacteria to cause infections, and when humidity is maintained within the ideal range, the chance of viruses transmitting disease through coughs is decreased by sixty percent.  Whole-home humidifiers effectively introduce necessary moisture back into the air.  These systems are low-maintenance, virtually silently, and tucked out of sight.  And when installation is handled by the air quality experts from Perfect Temperature Control, we match your household requirements to the right solutions.

Humidifier Installations, Repairs & Service

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Perfect Temperature Control specializes in a complete range of premier fan-powered, bypass, and steam whole-home humidifiers.  Whether you’re targeting a single room, or your entire home, we meet your needs with consistent and optimum humidity levels.  Installation is quick, non-invasive and scheduled at a time that works for you.  Contact Perfect Temperature Control at (847) 635-0337 for whole-home humidifier installation and service in The Greater Chicagoland Area, and we’d be happy to offer more information, consultations, and everything you need to enjoy superior comfort this winter.

Some of the many benefits of a Whole-home Humidifier installed by Perfect Temperature Control include:

  • Reduced risk of infections
  • No more dried out sinuses or itchy throat
  • Fewer and shortened symptoms of a cold, sinus infection, or the flu
  • Healthier houseplants
  • Protection against the cracking and splitting of fine wood furnishings
  • Lowered thermostat settings (without sacrificing comfort) reduces heating bills
  • Fewer electrical shocks
  • Prevention of damage to low voltage electronics
  • Protection against dry skin, chapped lips, and frizzy hair
  • Relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms
  • A more comfortable home