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Heat pumps continue to gain popularity.  Efficient, practical, convenient, and environmentally friendly, it’s hard to beat the combination of effective heating and cooling in one low-maintenance system.  You’ll not only save money and enjoy a wonderfully cool summer, you’ll have a much more comfortable winter as well.  When partnered with your furnace in a Hybrid Heat system, you’ll take advantage of the most efficient means of heating at all times, trimming those energy bills, and quickly recovering the initial investment.

Professional Heat Pump Installations

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Perfect Temperature Control brings you superior options in temperature control.  No other ducted, air source heat pump can compete with the 13 HSPF rating of the Infinity series heat pump.  Featuring Greenspeed intelligence, this system literally adjusts its output to the demands of the home, maintaining consistent temperatures and peak efficiency at all times. Offering a wide variety of sizes, sophisticated features, and ENERGY STAR rated models, Perfect Temperature Control meets your specifications and exceeds expectations.

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With over thirty-five years of experience providing quality heating and air conditioning solutions across The Greater Chicagoland Area, Perfect Temperature Control offers heat pump installation, seasonal maintenance, and repair.  We make sure you get the best of everything, enhancing comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability through premium products and meticulous workmanship.  Our licensed and certified technicians are always at your disposal, handling every challenge, and protecting against sudden malfunctions.  Call on us for convenient appointment times, total satisfaction, and 24/7 Emergency Service across Des Plaines IL, Arlington Heights IL, Elk Grove Village IL, Park Ridge IL, Glenview IL, Schaumburg IL, Mt. Prospect IL, Northbrook IL, Hoffman Estates IL, Palatine Deerfield IL, Barrington IL, Elgin IL, Lake In The Hills IL. Use the sidebar form or call us (847) 635-0337 to contact us today!

Some of the advantages of heat pump installation include:

  • Safe – Powered by electricity, heat pumps require no combustion materials, and there’s no dangerously hot surfaces.
  • Clean – Heat pumps don’t create smoke, ashes, fumes, or moisture.
  • Efficient Heating – As the most cost-effective form of heating using electricity, a modern heat pump is a benefit to any home.
  • Efficient Cooling – During warm weather, the heat pump saves on energy usage while air conditioning.
  • No Need to Humidify – These systems do not generate dry air when heating.
  • Quiet – The air compressor is most often located outside the home, keeping noise levels low.
  • Uniform Heating – You won’t experience the frequent temperature fluctuations associated with other systems.
  • Green Benefits – Electric heat pumps do not pollute the environment.
  • Value – Installation adds considerable value to your home.
  • Dehumidification – During summer, as warm air circulates through the unit, moisture forms on the cold surface of the coil and drains outside.
  • Prevents Condensation – Circulating warm air around the room, the heat pump prevents condensation from forming on cold surfaces, such as windows.
  • Convenience – Achieve perfect temperatures and make adjustments with the simple touch of a button on the wall, from a remote, or even from your smartphone.
  • Zone Control – With zoning capability, you have the ability to control and maintain separate rooms to exacting levels.
  • Heating/Cooling Capability – Switch from heating to cooling in an instant.
  • Programmable – Heat up or cool down your home prior to getting up in the morning or before returning from work.
  • Improved Air Quality – As the heat pump circulates air, the filters effectively remove dust, mold spores, fumes, and other airborne particulate.
  • Hybrid Heat Compatible – When the efficiency of a heat pump is combined with your existing furnace, you’ll save money and enjoy perfect temperatures year round.

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