With over thirty-five years of experience across The Greater Chicagoland Area, Perfect Temperature Control has the knowledge, resources, and advanced equipment to maintain every component of your home comfort system.  If you rely on a central air system for temperature control, you’ll have ductwork that carries the warm and cool air your equipment creates to different rooms in the house.  Any problem with your air ducts will impact the performance of your HVAC systems.  With expert duct sealing and replacement from Perfect Temperature Control, your ducts are restored to peak condition.

Save energy with duct sealing or replacement!

It is a proven fact that leaky ducts cost property owners a great deal of money.  Faults with ductwork design and condition not only waste energy, but can cause indoor air pollution, putting your health at risk.  The specialists from Perfect Temperature Control inspect and identify problems with air ducts, provide detailed strategies for improvement, and complete all services promptly and properly.  Through punctual arrival, conscientious project management, and attention to detail, we minimize disruption and maximize rewards.  Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer questions and schedule convenient consultation or service across Des Plaines IL, Arlington Heights IL, Elk Grove Village IL, Park Ridge IL, Glenview IL, Schaumburg IL, Mt. Prospect IL, Northbrook IL, Hoffman Estates IL, Palatine Deerfield IL, Barrington IL, Elgin IL, Lake In The Hills IL.

Enjoy the benefits of duct sealing & replacement service from Perfect Temperature Control!

Benefits include:

  • Improved Comfort – Properly sealed and insulated ducts supply conditioned air more effectively to the rooms of the house.
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality – Reduce the introduction of dirt, dust, moisture, pollen, and chemicals into your breathing air.
  • Lower Heating & Cooling Costs – Reduce annual utility bills by up to thirty percent.
  • Alleviate Symptoms Of Asthma and Allergies – Sealing ducts reduces the risk of pollutants circulating throughout your home.
  • Promote Safety – Leaky duct work may cause backdrafting, where combustion gases, such as carbon monoxide, are drawn back into the living space rather than expelled outdoors.
  • Smaller HVAC Equipment – If you’re planning to install new heating and cooling equipment, a properly designed and sealed duct system may allow a smaller, less costly heating and cooling system.
  • Consistent Temperatures – Common problems, such as rooms that are too hot in summer or too cold in winter, regardless of the thermostat setting, are often caused by leaky ductwork.
  • Extended System Life – Well-designed and sealed ductwork minimizes the workload of your HVAC system, reducing repairs and maintenance needs, and lengthening lifespan.